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Located in both Arizona and Nevada, Solutions of Sobriety provides addiction recovery services to individuals of Native American/Alaskan Native descent. Our goal is to provide our clients individualized treatment plans with structured supportive housing. Our programming delivers a recovery experience rooted in tradition and evidence-based treatment. 

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Solutions of Sobriety provides a setting where our clients can find the security to explore the roots of their addiction and the strength to discover the greater destiny that lies beyond. Our holistic therapeutic methods help our clients regain self-empowerment, improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual health while implementing positive changes in their lives.

You Deserve Proper Treatment

Solutions of Sobriety is committed to providing services to our clients for the entirety of their journey. Once our clients have built a solid foundation of recovery, we offer a continuation of therapeutic services. Our step-down services ensure accountability of our clients in their sobriety while offering support & gradual independence as they reintegrate themselves as productive members in their communities.

Solutions of Sobriety currently accepts AHCCCS- American Indian Health Plan (AIHP)