Cultural Healing

The Red Road To Wellbriety

Creating Hope AZ specializes in serving the Indigenous community. We offer long-term
recovery treatment services to native American/Alaskan natives which include therapy as well as structured supportive housing.
Creating Hope AZ has taken steps to become 1 of 12 White Bison, Inc., endorsed Wellbriety
certified treatment centers in North America.
Creating Hope AZ has met specific criteria utilizing Principles,
Methods, and Resources from the Wellbriety Approach within our programs.
White Bison refers
individuals and families to the Wellbriety certified treatment centers to assist Native
Americans/Alaska Natives find treatment such as Creating Hope AZ (CHAZ), which uses
culturally-based approaches and curriculum.
The Red Road to Wellbriety is a resource that draws on the philosophies and practices of
Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous—especially the Twelve Step process.
What is Wellbriety? Wellbriety is an affirmation of Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Relational
Health. It encompasses the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit.
Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps Courses (Provides a culturally appropriate 12 Step
program for Native men. Based upon Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the Cycle of
Life, and the Four Laws of Change).
Mending Broken Hearts (provide culturally based healing from unresolved grief and the
losses created by the legacy of historical and intergenerational trauma).
Warrior Down/Recovery Coach (which provides relapse prevention and recovery
support program for Native American/Alaska Natives who are completing treatment,
returning to the community from incarceration, or who have been working on their
recovery journey using traditional or 12 Step methods and who wish to provide
support to others experiencing the same).
Red Road to Wellbriety (a journey of hope and healing for Native American/Alaska
Natives seeking recovery from Addictions and providing the philosophies and practices
of AA and NA twelve step within this process).

Medicine Wheel Teachings

The medicine wheel is an ancient method for teaching important concepts about truth
& life. Many native American communities use a medicine wheel, although the colors
and the symbols are different depending upon the culture. The purpose is the same in
each culture. These teachings when applied to one’s life, have the power to influence
significant change in attitudes, behaviors, values and intent.

The elders have shared a series of teachings based upon the natural order of the way
things should be. These are sometimes referred to as the “original instructions”. These
important teachings are included in the medicine wheel and the 12 steps.

Four seasons of change
Four laws of change
Four directions of growth
Teachings for leadership
Twelve principles for healthy living
Reclaiming our power

Principles, Laws & Values
The natural order
Cycle of Life
Eight feelings for healthy development
Comfort zones
Two thought systems: Love & Fear
The laws of the unseen world