Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does treatment cost? What insurances do you take? 

At this time, we currently only take AIHP (American Indian Health Plan). We are not contracted to take clients who have an SMI diagnosis. We do accept clients who have been court-referred by parole, probation, or the department of child safety.

2. Will you pick me up and take me to your treatment program?

Once a client is assessed, information will be passed to our transportation manager and a time/date will be scheduled immediately. Typically, clients can get picked up same day unless needing a specific day.

3. How long is the program? 

Our program is 6-12 months.

4. Can I work and/or go to school while in your treatment program? 

Clients can begin part time work up to 30 hours a week once in phase 2.

5. Am I allowed to have my cell phone during treatment?

The first 30 days of treatment your phone will be locked up safely.

6. Am I responsible for buying my own food & hygiene items while in treatment?

While in phases 1 & 2 of treatment meals are provided. Once client moves to phase 3 In independent living he/she will have to provide their own food.

7. I have children. Can they come with me to treatment? 

 We have 3 mommy/me houses and 1 daddy/me house. Due to limited beds typically we only are able to accommodate 2 children per parent.

8. What am I allowed to bring with me to treatment? What should I pack?

Pack enough clothes for 3 weeks.  Casual, Comfortable Clothes and recommend bringing a bathing suit and tennis shoes for summer activities. We also have donations of clients who need clothes.

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